You are currently viewing 環球 “六公里” 為水齊邁步 (Global 6K for Water)

環球 “六公里” 為水齊邁步 (Global 6K for Water)

環球 “六公里” 為水齊邁步 (Global 6K for Water)

我們教會邀請弟兄姊妹參與由美國世界宣明會 (World Vision) 發起一年一次全球為水而走的活動,藉由路跑或走路,為非洲發展中缺乏水資源的國家,籌募水資源基金。

“六公里”是在全球發展中    缺乏水資源的國家,人們為了取水,平均要走的距離。

  • 活動時間:5/20 (週六) ,8:00 am
  • 活動地點:45th Street and Strand Manhattan Beach
  • 信息查詢/註冊報名/參與募款:請點擊 Join me for WorldVision’s Global6K!
  • 報名費用:成人 $50,18 歲以下青少年 $25  (4月10日前報名,每人享有 $15 優惠,優惠碼:WWD23)

Our church is supporting the Christian humanitarian organization, World Vision, by participating in this event and donating to help end the global water crisis and keep kids safe around the world. Six kilometers (3.7 miles) is the average distance a person in the developing world has to walk to find water—water that is often not safe to drink or even to use to wash their hands.

On Saturday, May 20, our church will meet at the Manhattan Beach Strand and start our walk at 8:00am. The registration cost ($50) goes toward supporting World Vision. Use the coupon code, WWD23, by April 10 to get a $15 discount.