YSC Bakesale (糕點義賣)2021

May 30, 2021 | Will Tai

This year’s YSC Bakesale will require pre-ordering baked goods online.  We have an assortment of goods available to choose from!
Pick-up of your baked goods will be on Sunday, June 13th in the BOL parking lot from 10:30am – 1:00pm.
Deadline to place orders is Friday, June 11th, at 11:59pm.
You can pay when you pick up with cash, check, or Venmo. If you would like to pay in advance, you can send funds to BOL through Zelle with “YSC 2021” in the memo.
Basically, we’ll have all the items that weren’t ordered in addition to some other items that are only available the day of (smaller items). So there should be plenty for people to buy on Sunday, even if they didn’t sign up in advance.
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今年的 YSC 糕點義賣 將使用網上預購。 我們有各式各樣的糕點食品可供選擇!

您所預購的糕點食品將於 6 月 13 日 (主日) 上午 10:30 至下午 1:00 在 教會 (BOL) 停車場領取。

網上預購的截止日期為 6 月 11 日 (週五) 晚上 11:59。

您可以在領取您所預購的商品時使用現金、支票或 Venmo 付款。您也可以使用 網上 Zelle 預先付款 (名稱:Ling Liang Evangelical,電子郵址:LLfinance2780@gmail.com) ,並在”備忘錄”下 註明 “YSC 2021” 。

若是弟兄姊妹未能在預購的截止日期完成訂購,歡迎您在  13  (主日當天在教會停車場現場購買!

> 義賣糕點預購, 點撃 此處