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Full Day Care

BOLCCC Full Day Care Program is affiliated with Bread of Life Church in Torrance. We are Christ-Centered and Child-Centered care givers. We not only provide basic child care and academic tutoring for children, we also tech them to know God’s love and to understand that they are unique individuals created and loved by Him. Our staff comprises professionally trained teachers knowledgeable in Child Development. They are lovingly and willingly serving the children in Christ.

The program is led by our Supervisor, Heidi Walker.

Led by our Supervisor/Camp Coordinator, Heidi Walker

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our usual Summer Day Camp has been cancelled. Instead, registration is now available for Summer Full Day Care from June 1 through August 25. Hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Full Day Care welcomes children ages 5-12 by September 1 of this year.

Full Day Care activities include:

  • Full day care activities
  • Theme study
  • Academic work
  • Outings: Farmer’s Market, library, or park
  • Indoor activities: praise songs, art, music
  • Academic enrichment: English, Math, Language Arts, Science, Writing
  • Weekly themed lessons and discussion
  • Theme related projects and science experiments
  • Outdoor games: basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, jumprope
  • Indoor activities: Cooking, Music, Arts and Crafts

Mark your calendars —

Summer Full Day Care 2020 starts June 1.



Registration for Summer Full Day Care 2020 is now open.

(Children are waitlisted when the capacity is filled.)

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