Youth Summer Camp (YSC)

Youth Summer Camp (YSC) is a week-long summer retreat for our middle school and high school students (incoming 7th – HS grads).  Every August, we pack ourselves up on a Sunday afternoon and we travel Pine Valley Bible Conference Center (30 minutes east of San Diego).  At YSC, we plan for a week of singing, preaching, relationship-building, reflection and games.  It is a welcome retreat from the craziness of life and is often an unexpected entrance in the presence of God.  For many of our students YSC is one of the major highlights of the summer.  We hope you can join us this year!

  • Dates: 8/7/22 – 8/12/22
  • Location: Pine Valley Bible Conference Center
  • Theme: [tbd] – To Be Discerned
  • Theme Verse: 1 John 4:1
  • Speaker: Edwin Martinez (Imago Dei Church)
  • Worship Leader: Angie Jho
  • Contact: William Tai (Youth Minister)
2022 Theme: [tbd] To Be Discerned

We live in a day and age where anyone with access to the internet can look up whatever they want to know about a certain topic. It only takes a few touches of our smartphones to read this fact or that opinion article. And even when we aren’t seeking to learn something or be influenced by the internet, social media and our peers are subtly sharing certain ideals to us. We are surrounded by voices that try to tell us what we should believe about ourselves or about other people or about the issues of the day. As Christians, how do we deal with all these voices?
The apostle John advises us to be discerning and to not believe everything that we hear. We need to test everything against the Word of God so that what shapes our thinking is from God and not from the world. At this year’s YSC, we are going to be challenged to identify what voices we are hearing already and how to better hear God’s voice in all the commotion of our lives.

Last day to register - july 24!