Youth Summer Camp (YSC)

Youth Summer Camp (YSC) is a week-long summer retreat for our middle school and high school students (incoming 7th – HS grads).  In normal years, every August we pack ourselves up on a Sunday afternoon and we travel Pine Valley Bible Conference Center.  However, this year we will host YSC at Bread of Life Church for a week of singing, preaching, relationship-building, reflection and games.  It is still a welcome retreat from the craziness of life and is often an unexpected entrance in the presence of God.  For many of our students YSC is one of the major highlights of the summer.  We hope you can join us this year!

  • Dates: 8/9/21 – 8/13/21
  • Location: Bread of Life Church
  • Theme: Suit Up
  • Theme Verse: Ephesians 6:10-18
  • Speaker: John Lee
  • Worship Leader: Jonathan Hong
  • Contact: William Tai (Youth Minister)
YSC 2021 Theme: Suit Up

         Conflict and confusion have been persistent reminders of human sin throughout history. The lies of Satan and rebellion of our hearts have long kept humanity from seeing the beauty of our Creator and trusting the truth He communicates to us. While this assault on our minds and hearts is nothing new, we have never been attacked with greater intensity than we are now. The introduction of the internet and social media frequently exposes us to spiritual attack – destructive ideas and values – that threaten our faith and the love, joy, and peace that it brings.
         So we must – as Paul exhorts – put on the armor of God. We must Suit Up with God’s armor – his means of protecting us from spiritual assault and keeping our minds and hearts listening to His voice and not others. This year we will spend YSC considering why and how we ought to wear this armor so that we are “well-suited” to withstand Satan’s attacks.

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