What is Rooted?

Rooted is a 10-week discipleship experience designed to connect us with God, our church, and our purpose. Throughout the Rooted experience we will learn foundational Christian beliefs, share personal stories, and practice daily spiritual rhythms in our life that will solidify our faith and strengthen our passion for Jesus.

The Rooted experience is based upon building a community where we learn from God in Scripture and from the stories of others in our group. Daily devotions, reflections questions, and prayer prompts will draw us closer to Jesus and equip us for the weekly small group meetings.

What is Life In Rhythm?

Life in Rhythm is a follow-up to the Rooted Experience. It consists of a 10-week group-discipleship experience designed to help group members integrate the 7 rhythms of a disciple into two of the most significant areas of life–work and relationships.

What does the Rooted Experience Involve?

Along with the five daily devotional and journaling experiences that prepare us for our weekly gatherings, we will experience the 7 Rooted Rhythms modeled by the early church in Acts 2. These rhythms include daily devotion, prayer, breaking strongholds, sacrificial generosity, community service, sharing your story, and worship. Consistently practicing these rhythms will have a formative influence in our own relationship with Jesus as well as our whole church family.

When is Registration and How Much Does it Cost?

Registration begins on February 4 and ends on February 28. The registration fee is $30 and includes a Rooted or Life in Rhythm Workbook. Workbooks will be distributed at our Kickoff Celebration.

Is Rooted for Seekers, New Believers, or Mature Christians?

No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, the Rooted experience is designed to help us to connect with God, our church, and our purpose wherever we presently find ourselves. The daily practices and overall structure of Rooted are intended to move us along further in our faith – whether we consider ourselves to be a longtime follower of Jesus, an individual who is just starting to explore things in the Bible, or somewhere in between. What we love most about Rooted is how it provides a strategic entry point to engage more meaningfully in our relationship with Jesus and with one another here at Bread of Life Church.

How and When will my Rooted Group Meet?

We are excited to offer four separate small groups enabling you to choose the day and time that works best for you. The options are:

1) Rooted: Sunday @ 9:00am
2) Rooted: Sunday @ 11:00am
3) Life In Rhythm: Thursday @ 7:30pm
4) Life In Rhythm (New Life Fellowship): Thursday

How do I Register?

If you are ready for spiritual growth and feel that this is right for you, we would love for you to join us for our Rooted Experience. Click the button below and complete the registration form.

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