San Telmo Trip, June 19-21, 2020

May 28, 2020 | Bill Liu

We had to cancel the March Tijuana and Memorial Day San Telmo mission trips because of COVID-19. However, the needs of our Mexican brothers and sisters have increased significantly, upturning lives. There has been a dramatic rise in poverty since there is no safety net. Many people live hand-to-mouth, without regular work, and are falling through the cracks. Because of COVID restrictions, the San Telmo Christian School closed. Without access to internet, the dedicated teachers are doing the best they can to continue to teach the children.

A SMALL group of vetted people will serve in San Telmo to:
1) Purchase rice, beans and other staples in Mexico and deliver them to the San Telmo School families and others in the community
2) Distribute donated clothes and shoes
3) Purchase school supplies
4) Provide medical and dental services
5) Distribute masks and provide COVID -19 education
6) Encourage the 10 young missionaries who have been serving the community

If you are interested in going on the mission trip, please email There will a screening process and mandatory COVID-19 safety training. We will provide full protective gear.