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Membership Meeting Voting Results

December 1, 2021 | Eric Louie

We thank all our church members who participated in our annual vote. The vote approved next year’s Church Budget and Board Members who will start their six-year (elders) and three-year (deacons) terms in 2022: Elder HY Ngai, Deacon Terence Ou, Deacon Robert Wakefield-Carl, Deacon Kevin Wu, and Deacon Eddie Yang.

Elected 2022 Board Officers
‧ Chairperson: Daniel Johnson
‧ Vice-Chairperson: Ann Mo
‧ Treasurer: Bing Yeh
‧ Secretary: Grace Liu

Committee Chairpersons
‧ BOLCCC Administrator: Guillermo Lao
‧ Ministerial Committee: Mark Ger
‧ Ministry Review Committee: Neil Wylie
‧ Nominating Committee: Balin Sung
‧ Planning Committee: John Chou