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Being Hopeful In 2021

January 4, 2021 | Dan Low

One thing that has been in tremendously short supply with a huge worldwide demand: HOPE. Ever since the middle of last March, we have hoped and longed for everything that we once took for granted, but now value deeply. Hoping to return to familiar settings like our classrooms to learn from teachers, our workplace to collaborate with colleagues, and our church to gather in worship. Longing to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and every special occasion in ways that we have always done. Hoping to resume traveling with loved ones to places we’ve put on hold. Longing to start afresh with the arrival of a brand new year that promises better days.
With the distribution of safe and effective vaccines that protect us from COVID-19, we feel increasingly optimistic in 2021! The smiles and tears of those receiving the very first vaccinations reflect that hopefulness. We truly believe that this pivotal bridge will take us from where we are to where we want to be. In the meantime, we must not let our guard down. In remaining vigilant, we resolve to maintain good and safe practices that demonstrate our love for one another.

During this extended season where we have had to relinquish many things, we praise God for enabling us to hold fast to Jesus. In setting our minds and adjusting our expectations for the new normal, God points our hearts to Jesus who promises us that the best days are yet to come.

Fixing our eyes on the blessed hope that we share together as God’s own possession gives us clarity and calm, even in the midst of uncertainty. Along with anchoring our hearts, the blessed hope of Jesus’ return navigates our conversations. As we mull over the possibilities of a brand new year with family and friends, we are privileged and poised to unpack the reason for our ultimate hope in Jesus.