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A Job Well Done

June 13, 2024 | Dan Low

Congratulations to each of our graduates! This is a memorable milestone that signals God’s faithfulness and their perseverance to the very end.

If we had a chance to sit down together to hear a few snippets of their own journey on their particular campus, I’m sure that we would well up with all sorts of emotions. The academic challenges. The treasured friendships. The disappointing moments. The surprise blessings. The personal growth. The formative choices. The lasting memories.

As I think about our own two sons and their respective graduations, I am blown away by God’s kindness to them as well as our family. Along with all that they experienced both inside and outside the classroom (intermediate school, high school, and college), Helen and I are most grateful to the Lord for keeping them close to him, one another, and us. Growing deeper in their faith as believers and getting closer to each other as brothers are priceless gifts from God that we will forever cherish.

While our graduates, their families, and everyone else marvel over the quicker-than-expected passages of time, it’s encouraging to remember that we can always trust in the Lord and his larger purpose for us. We know deep in our hearts that God’s will is always good, acceptable, and perfect. Yet looking ahead to the future may trigger a little anxiety. We can exchange those natural fears for God’s supernatural peace as we talk with him about what’s next.

With a renewed resolution to envision the Lord who sits in heaven, let’s aim to walk on earth with his wisdom and power. So as we salute our graduates for a job well done, let’s all stay focused on finishing the course that God has uniquely assigned to us—longing to hear the joyful welcome and exclamation of our Master, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”