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Blazing New Trails

March 7, 2024 | Dan Low

In a season when our graduating high school (and college transfer) students are making huge choices about where they will invest some of their most spiritually-formative, faith-shaping, relationally-intensive, and career-deciding years, let’s pray that they will seek God’s kingdom first throughout this challenging process.

Waiting to hear, learning to trust, refusing to compare, weighing to decide, willing to commit, and preparing to go – all this will prompt our students to look to Jesus like never before. As they venture out on their own, we are hopeful that their love for Jesus will become more personal, passionate, and persistent.

Helen and I are forever grateful to God for generously guiding and caring for our sons throughout their undergraduate years. Most of all, we praise God for enabling both Christopher and Jonathan to flourish in their devotion to Jesus and their bond as brothers. To top it off, God also led each of our sons to find their life partner during college (Sarah and Michelle, respectively).

While our kids embarked on their own memorable journey, little did we realize that God would also graciously and surprisingly blaze fresh trails for us. With our nest being emptied, we never envisioned the fullness that we would experience through new circles of meaningful friendships and new realms of service opportunities.

Throughout the past decade, God has been stretching our vision for what he can powerfully do through us as he consistently works within us. We see that happen through our ever-deepening relationships at three very different locations: UCLA (Westwood), Ivy Park (Torrance), and Testimony at Bread (Wilmington). In each community that has become so very dear, the Spirit has paved the way for us to grow more like Jesus as we draw closer to others.

In seeking God’s kingdom first, let’s expect the Holy Spirit to blaze new trails for us and create fresh avenues with others as we represent our risen and triumphant Savior in whatever season we are in.