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Enduring Legacies

December 2, 2021 | Dan Low

When someone remarks that “time flies,” everyone agrees. Whether it’s this past year, the last time that we had a heartfelt conversation with a dear friend, a long-awaited and much-anticipated vacation with loved ones, or a milestone birthday, we realize that time is a precious commodity. And if we’re not careful, we can easily miss the moments that God provides us and squander the precious opportunities for his kingdom.

In the midst of a season when everything tends to get busier, when people seem to have less time for others, when the clock appears to move faster than ever, when we become more impatient with other drivers and crowds, when our disciplines for healthy living take a hiatus, let’s tell our hearts to slow down and remember what lasts forever.

Take time to thank God for his everyday goodness. He faithfully provides for our basic needs, graciously gives us opportunities to learn and work and play, and generously enables us to share our God-entrusted resources with those in need.

Explore ways to bring Jesus into our daily conversations. Talk about the way that our Savior has sustained us with his peace and joy throughout this pandemic. Relate how our faith can help others with the questions and struggles they are facing. Invite our neighbors, classmates, and colleagues to our Bread of Lights Walk-Thru, our Christmas program, or an upcoming worship gathering.

Invest more energy and time in the things that matter to God. Whenever the Holy Spirit awakens our hearts to the brevity and fragility of our lives, he works to transform our values and to modify our calendars. Make those adjustments, perhaps major changes, to align our daily commitments with God’s kingdom priorities. By God’s grace and wisdom, we will collectively build legacies that endure—even as the days, months, and years seem to elapse so quickly.