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The Closer We Are, The Farther We Go

October 17, 2021 | Dan Low

I love the privilege of doing AMAs (where a group can ASK ME ANYTHING that’s on their heart and mind). With our young adults at Eaton Canyon Nature Center, we recently spent an hour plus exploring some remarkable questions (e.g., what are some of your highs/lows at Bread? how does it feel to have an empty nest with both your sons working and married? what would you tell your younger self?).

In this particular AMA, I felt a heightened sense of gratitude to God for the cherished relationships that our family has shared throughout the past twenty-five years. While we had planned to come to Bread for the long haul, little did we realize just how much we would need God’s wisdom and grace on a daily basis. Being much younger and naïve back then, it’s easy to default and depend on our own passion and giftedness.

Masterful in his communication, Jesus pictures the reality of our constant need for him. Like branches vitally connected to the vine, we are graciously designed to bring much glory to our Father as we bear much fruit in his Son. It’s our proximity with Jesus that determines our productivity for him.

Being close to Jesus starts with personally knowing that God sent him to die on the cross for our sins. By receiving Jesus as our Savior, God welcomes us into his family. We want to be confident about where we (and others) stand with Jesus.

Once we truly believe in Jesus, we want to faithfully stick with him. In the midst of all that’s happening around us, we must choose to always lean on Jesus—regardless of how confident we may feel. Practically, that means listening to his voice, staying with his commands, walking in his steps, progressing in his likeness, banking on his leadership, and surrendering to his will.

It’s helpful to periodically and honestly ask ourselves, “How much glory is God receiving through us? How much fruit is Jesus producing in us?” Let’s go far for God’s kingdom as we stay close with our Messiah.