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Like Mom

May 4, 2020 | Dan Low

Searching for an analogy that captures the totality of his affection and dedication, Paul envisions the tender image of a mom nursing her newborn (1 Thessalonians 2:7-8). Like a mom who nurtures her children, Paul declares that his love for the believers is intensely personal. More than simply proclaiming the gospel, Paul delights to pour out his own soul.

As we honor our moms for the endless ways they care for us from the very beginning, let’s thank God for the example of true discipleship that they exemplify. Along with telling us the vital truth that we need to know, they show us the sacrificial example that we need to replicate. Like a mom who cherishes her kids through her words and actions, our allegiance to Jesus translates into a heartfelt commitment that freely shares both the gospel and our lives with others.

While we have all been staying home to learn and work since mid-March, moms have stepped up in even more ways – going above and beyond what they already normally give. Without hesitation and without complaint, they readily and happily go the extra miles to care for the ones they love.

Similarly, what we are facing now stretches us in ways like never before. The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. Our shopping concentrates on just the essentials. Our calendars are streamlined with Zoom meetings. Our neighborhoods are busy with families walking, biking, and playing. In the midst of all these sudden shifts, the truth of Jesus remains constant and relevant for us. Let’s ask the Spirit for boldness to talk about the peace and joy that we experience with Jesus in this very anxious, uncertain season. And let’s be like mom, poised to eagerly and generously share our own hearts as we unpack the gospel for others.