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Rejoicing with the Class of 2020

May 19, 2020 | Dan Low

We have come to more truly appreciate what we easily take for granted: hanging out with buddies, worshiping together at church, enjoying a family dinner at a favorite restaurant, boarding a plane for that much-anticipated vacation. Add one more: celebrating our accomplishments, relationships, and life-defining experiences from the past four years at a memorable graduation.

With our two sons recently graduating from college, we realize the sheer joy of that singular moment which marks both a culmination and a commencement. So we are keenly aware of the real feeling of loss in being unable to close out this monumental chapter of our students’ academic and personal journey on the high school or college campus that represents so many good memories.

For the class of 2020 (and your families), we thank God for you and the remarkable grace you have shown in the face of this historic pandemic!

Pivoting at a moment’s notice to remote learning, letting go of those special occasions reserved for the last few months of your time at this school, feeling sincerely grateful for the kind and loving gestures to help make the most of this disappointing situation, staying at home with family after you’ve become so accustomed to being away with your friends, and trusting Jesus for his leadership in the next chapter of your life – you have displayed a strength and resilience that garner our deepest respect. Being in God’s sovereign, wise, and loving hands, we are confident and hopeful that his very best for you is yet to come! Congratulations, Class of 2020!!