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Pastor’s Update

February 29, 2024 | Dan Low

Dear Bread of Life Family,

Our hope throughout 2024 is that we will collectively seek God’s kingdom first, confident that our loving and attentive heavenly Father will take care of everything we truly need. What does that look like for us as a church family?

Let’s start the day, as often as we remember, with a simple prayer that revolves around God and his heart (Matthew 6:9-15). Let’s yearn for the honoring of our Father’s sacred name, the coming of his righteous kingdom, and the doing of his perfect will. Let’s also trust our good and holy God for his faithful provision, his merciful forgiveness, and his powerful protection.

Be more intentional to cultivate an enduring mindset in our present relationships and responsibilities. So whether it’s on our campus, in our workplace, with our family, in our recreational and creative hobby, or through our community involvement, let’s practice courageous wisdom in letting our faith in Jesus be more evident. God strategically places us where we are to graciously show others who Jesus is.

Bring real peace to others by offering to pray with them about the things that occupy their minds. As we come alongside of others to lift up these burdens to the Lord, there will be an increasing freedom and joy to pursue his kingdom priorities. In fact, extending this offer to those who are not yet believers in Jesus may bring them one step closer to entering our Father’s kingdom.

Realize that our physical presence is vital to our identity and impact as a faith community. Being present for in-person worship and fellowship gatherings stirs up our affection for God, his people, and his work. Utilizing our God-given talents to serve wherever he leads us (e.g., teaching children, mentoring youth, joining our audio/visual team, pioneering a new ministry) is both a privilege and responsibility. Stepping out into the neighborhood (e.g., Testimony at Bread in Wilmington, Beacon Light Mission, Community’s Child, Ivy Park, Children’s Hunger Fund) challenges us even as we bless others. Getting closer with one another as we grow deeper with Jesus through the Rooted Experience (the original ten-week program as well as subsequent ones) is something that I would love for all of us to enjoy.

We are forever and truly grateful to God for uniting us together in his family,
Pastor Dan