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The Best Dads

June 8, 2020 | Dan Low

As I sit down to write this note on the formative role of dads, it’s with the complicated backdrop of a global pandemic that’s compelled us to stay home, a nation taking to the streets to protest racism and seek justice, and a future with a myriad of hard questions without many firm answers.

Perhaps now more than ever before, June 21, 2020 (Father’s Day) underscores the critically important influence of our dads.

In a time like this, our sense of well-being depends on dads who know us well, care for our daily needs, stay accessible when we need a listening ear and an empathetic heart, provide concrete guidance when we’re confused or unsure, and speak the truth of God’s wisdom when we hear many voices.

After everything is said and done, it’s our dads’ approval that carries so much weight. Seeing a huge smile on his face and hearing the words, “I’m proud of you,” forever shape the way that we see ourselves.

What I wish for every dad in our church, including myself in my relationship with Chris and Jon: That we would all grow deeper in knowing God as our Father in heaven (Matthew 5-7). Despite our imperfections, we will become the best dads possible as we learn and then replicate how God relates to us as our perfect Father. Whatever the age of our children, they need to see and hear God’s truth through us on a consistent basis. When they do, we are building them a legacy of integrity that they will always cherish.